To best help Vevan achieve their goals, AE Design Co. created a digital strategy roadmap after looking through all the ins and outs of their unique business. At AE Design Co. we work with companies as project managers to help guide their company in the right direction and work directly with the client on a one-to-one basis. The main goal was to assist Vevan in completing their immediate pre-launch needs as well as providing long-term strategies.


Foundational SEO was integrated to promote their product to their target demographics across all platforms. Since Vevan came to AE Design Co. with an existing brand and website design, we proposed some design suggestions based on our best practices to also help their brand awareness and guidelines. AE Design Co. also worked to improve the site speed so potential clients can focus on their products instead of the lag time.


  • Marketing Planning
  • Digital Marketing Consultation
  • SEO
  • Digital Analytics
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Approach, strategy, tactics and follow thru is evident in the results

Thank you! Thank you for everything you put into Vevan! It is nothing but a joy to work with you! You are extremely efficient and a phenomenal expert in your area. Your approach, strategy, tactics and follow thru is evident in the results we see here. Thanks from the bottom of my heart, seriously, I love working with you.

Liz Willers
Lize Willers

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Hello! I'm AE Design Co's lead Digital Strategist & Creative Director. For over 15 years, I've been helping busy businesses get a grip on their marketing to increase profits year-over-year.

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