The Brand

In 2020, artisan cheesemakers Shuman Cheese launched their new brand Vevan. Vevan is vegan cheese that not only tastes just like real cheese but also melts and stretches just like it as well. The Vevan brand sought to capture a share of the hip young vegan foods market with branding that is bright, bold, fun, and in your face. 

The Challenge

The team at Vevan had high hopes for the brand, but we're starting from scratch...they had a great product, but no one had ever heard of them. They needed a solid plan and foundation to build an online presence and a loyal customer base. They also needed to build enough buzz around the brand, to show big chain grocery stores that people were interested in the product.  

“Vevan was a brand starting from zero,” said Digital Strategist, Patrick Byrnes. “The challenge was not only finding the right customers who would be interested in the brand, but it was also introducing their products in a fun and enticing way that would actually make people want to go out to their local store and try it. With a product like this you not only need to show off the product in a way that makes people want to buy, but you also have to have enough social proof in place that they trust that others have tried it as well too” 

The brand turned to AE Design Co. to develop a comprehensive digital strategy roadmap. Essentially a year-long marketing and launch plan for the brand. They also turned to AE Design Co. to carry out each initiative laid out in the plan. 

The Solution

The team at AE Design laid out an intensive plan for launching the Vevan brand that consisted of:

  • A website build, maximized for SEO
  • Influencer marketing campaigns to gain social proof around the brand with their ideal target market
  • Facebook and Instagram ads aimed at building Vevan’s social media presence, while also introducing their products to the target market
  • Google Ads aimed at capturing search traffic around the brand and relevant keywords
  • Email marking and email list building to grow Vevan’s owned audience 

“If we were going to correctly launch this brand and increase market share, we needed to develop a step-by-step plan to guide us,” explained Byrnes.

The Results

Within a few short months, the Vevan brand launched and was in full swing! And they continue to grow bigger and bigger with each passing month.

As of writing this article, the brand has grown substantially thanks to the work of AE Design.

  • On Instagram, their followers have grown from 0 to over 4,500
  • Their FB page grew from 0 to over 16k likes
  • Their website traffic has grown constantly month over month. Now up over 2000%
  • Their email list had increased month over month, and now boasts a substantial audience. 
  • They continue to be added into more large grocery stores around the USA
  • Best of all they have thousands of happy customers, interacting with the brand, tagging them on social media, and highly-recommending them to others. This is all showcased on their Instagram story highlights titled “Fan Love”


  • Marketing Planning
  • Digital Marketing Consultation
  • SEO
  • Digital Analytics
Vevan iPhone MockUp

Approach, strategy, tactics and follow thru is evident in the results

Thank you! Thank you for everything you put into Vevan! It is nothing but a joy to work with you! You are extremely efficient and a phenomenal expert in your area. Your approach, strategy, tactics and follow thru is evident in the results we see here. Thanks from the bottom of my heart, seriously, I love working with you.

Liz Willers
Lize Willers

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