In 2015 Schubach Aviation decided to invest in content marketing to capture more quality leads. AE Design Co. partnered with another local Marketing Agency to help their client create a lasting, well designed whitepaper download to educate their audience on the differences between buying private jet charter hours in bulk versus other flight programs. The goal was to simplify some of the reader’s decision-making involved in flying privately.


What are whitepapers and why are they important? Whitepapers are a valuable piece of content full of resourceful information to help guide your prospects during purchasing decisions. Consumers want to be in charge these days. Doing their own research and consuming comprehensive information as you find in a whitepaper helps them make an informed purchase decision on their own. Whitepapers help a business build credibility and trust with their target audience and they serve a great lead generation piece. Whitepapers typically require at least an email address for download which will increase a company’s email list giving them more opportunity to connect with the lead later.


AE Design Co. developed one of the best whitepaper designs that has been so successful, Schubach Aviation is still using it today. The 21-page whitepaper not only grabs the reader’s attention but serves a buyer’s guide that is easy to understand and answers many of the questions that their sales team would have had to answer. The creative whitepaper design has not only generated hundreds of leads over the years, but it’s also converted many interested website visitors into long-term private jet customers. The whitepaper graphic design has well-written content, chart and graphs, eye-catching design elements and more importantly, provides valuable insight that their target audience is interested in.


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Her approach is strategic… she considers a bigger picture.

April brings many unique qualities to the table that I do not typically experience with designers. Not only does she consider what is truly best for her clients, but her approach is strategic and nature and she considers a bigger picture than just the website design itself. Not only are her skills, attitude, and approach right on, but she is a delightful person to work with.

Erin Carpenter

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whitepaper design - website banner
whitepaper design - website banner
whitepaper design - website banner
whitepaper design - website banner
whitepaper design - website banner

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Hello! I'm AE Design Co's lead Digital Strategist & Creative Director. For over 15 years, I've been helping busy businesses get a grip on their marketing to increase profits year-over-year.

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