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Hello, I'm April Edwards, owner, Lead Strategist & Creative Director of AE Design Co: A San Diego based Digital Marketing Company

I help busy businesses get a grip on digital marketing and reaching YOY revenue goals.

I know that all the ways to use digital marketing can be overwhelming, but my team and I can show you how to do it right with a clear digital strategy that fits your unique business and the support to follow it through.

Let me be your marketing motivator, to help give you the tools and inspiration to succeed in your marketing or to manage it for you! It doesn't have to be hard. Sometimes just starting or staying consistent is the hardest part.

Our 3-Part Marketing Success Framework

As a trusted Digital Marketing Agency in San Diego, we help you get clear, have a streamlined marketing system, and pour on the gasoline to keep your pipeline full of quality customers!


Marketing Blueprint Breakthrough

From overwhelmed and unclear to a game plan for marketing success.


Marketing Engine Revamp

Capture and convert leads, get time back with a streamlined marketing machine. And, get more online reviews - faster!


Quantum Leap Leads

Finally, have a steady stream of sales-ready leads in your pipeline through profitable online advertising.

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Why Digital Marketing Doesn’t Work

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