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• Unsure where to invest in online marketing?

• Need a creative edge with design?

• Need to improve your web, email and landing page design? SEO?

• Need better strategic management of your marketing, Adwords or Facebook campaigns?

• Ready to start using data analytics to improve your business?

• Or, do you just have too much on your plate and are struggling to keep up?

April Edwards, Lead Strategist

Hello! I’m April Edwards

Owner, Designer & Digital Strategist of AE Design Co. and I want to help you be successful with digital marketing.

I know that all the ways to use digital marketing can be overwhelming, but my team and I can show you how to do it right with a clear map that fits your unique business and the tools to support it.

Our clients have relied on and insight since 2008 to help them better leverage the web to meet business goals. We build brand awareness, attract a steady stream of targeted business and increase revenue through marketing planningcustom website design and development, graphic design and marketing management including email marketing and marketing automation, SEO, SEM, Facebook Advertising and KPI & ROI Reporting.

We take the time to truly understand your business and anything that may be holding you back. Then we're able to lay the groundwork to help you better leverage technology and online strategies to reach your goals.

Why Choose AE Design Co.?
We're Committed to your Success!

You don’t need an unmanageable (or lengthy) checklist of what you should be doing that just causes you more stress. And, you certainly don’t need a marketing consultant that is all tech jargon, that doesn’t hold your big picture in mind and, even better, doesn’t deliver on their promises.

You need a trusted partner that generates real results and gives you peace of mind so your marketing and your business can move forward with confidence.

What NOT to Expect:

• Super-long drawn out, fancy presentations without any real meat and potatoes

• A long list of big-name clients that don't even relate to your business

• An agency that doesn't take the time to understand your business

• An overpriced agency that over promises and under delivers

• Someone that doesn't value your time or collaboration

Learn how we make marketing easy and successful for our clients:

What to Expect


We’re in it for the long haul with every client we work with, genuinely committed to their long-term success. We take a proactive approach to discovering new opportunities for improvement. This means more savings and more profits back into our client's’ pockets. Our clients don’t have to spend time managing us. They have peace of mind knowing that we’re on it for them!

Communication & Management

We’re known for our exceptional communication and ability to move projects forward. Clear expectations with an understanding of what we need to do along the way are our #1 priority from the first time we meet. Digital marketing and technology can sometimes be complicated, and it’s our goal to make sure that you understand everything.


We’ve heard horror stories of stubborn developers and marketers that want to do things their way and aren’t receptive to the client’s perspective. You know your business better than anyone, and we know the web. We’ll work together to bring the big picture and details together and build something awesome!

Strategic Thinking

It’s the key to our success. We dig deep to understand anything that may be holding you back and always start with a clear plan that fits with your business goals to get digital working for you.

Since everyone is online, you a limitless amount of potential business. Our strategy first approach will help you capture it.


Digital marketing and the way we interact with consumers changes every day. New marketing channels pop up, and it can be hard to keep up with it all. No matter if we’re managing your marketing for you or just need some advice, we’ll be sure to provide the resources you need to succeed.

Honesty & Reliability

We do what we say we will. Crazy right? Many clients have come to us after bad experiences of being locked into annual contracts with broken commitments. We are trustworthy and as quoted from one of our long-time clients:

Ted Barnes

Creative Director, Jakprints

With other partners, you never know if you can trust them or if they are just trying to squeeze more dollars out of us… with April I never have that fear or vibe.