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Search Engine Optimization: Think Like a Searcher & Naturally Attract New Business

Our SEO services will get your message to the right audience, extend your reach and bring customers that are ready to buy your services or products.

Our approach has been proven to drive 20-30% more conversions YOY!

A No-Nonsense Approach to SEO Marketing

There is no magic formula, we use SEO best practices and guidelines overtime to help you build your authority in the search results and bring in actual visitors that will convert. We're unlike other SEO experts that deliver in bringing in a ton of traffic that doesn’t actually impact your business.

We make sure your website is built on a solid SEO foundation, train you to write amazing content that people are actively seeking and provide the ongoing consultation your business needs to ensure that people find you!

Search Engine Optimization Marketing Process


Feed quality authentic information to Google.


Understand the behavior flow to capture more traffic.

Citation Building

Show Google you are popular!

Technical SEO

Behind the scenes markup, metadata, site speed, etc.


Before we schedule this initial call, we'll have you complete a questionnaire that will provide us specific details regarding your business. After we receive all the required information and had a chance to review, we’ll contact you to schedule your consultation.

During this one-hour personal consultation call you will learn:

  1. If investing in SEO will give you the return you’re expecting and how long it may take to do so.
  2. What areas you will need to focus on in order to attract the right type of traffic to your website
  3. Actionable insights that you can use to improve the overall performance of your website


Identify the opportunities for gaining additional search traffic and how difficult it will be to compete against the other sites in your niche.

  1. If it's a website redesign, benchmark current performance
  2. Assess the online competition
  3. Evaluate the search opportunity to see how much traffic the site could reasonably be expected to get. If the opportunity isn’t there, then we may recommend focusing on PPC first
  4. Preliminary keyword research
  5. Identify major technical issues that may be harming the website

Extra Care for Website Redesigns

Did you know that redesigning your website can have a negative impact on your search traffic if not done correctly? Additional steps are required when launching a redesigned site, including monitoring Google Webmaster Tools as Google re-indexes the new site as well as checking for any 404 errors or missing redirects.

Our search engine optimization process includes:

Link Audit - It’s critical that we identify the links pointing to your site so that we can ensure the value of these links is retained.
• Content Audit - Determine which pages need to be retained, and understand the implications of removing redundant pages. This provides useful insights when planning the content and site structure of the redesigned site.


Targeting for the right keywords and topics is key to the success of your website. By researching your market's keyword demand, you can not only learn which terms and phrases to target with SEO, but also learn more about your customers as a whole. It's not always about getting visitors to your site, but about getting the right kind of visitors. You will have a solid list of target keywords to help you build the content that your audience is looking for. It will form the basis of your content strategy including site structure, new pages, blog topics, etc.


  1. Support the development of the Site Structure/Information Architecture, based on the topics/keywords identified in the research.
  2. On-Page Optimization - It's important to ensure the page titles, meta-descriptions, internal links and other on-page factors are correctly optimized.
  3. Technical SEO Optimization - Ensuring that your side is correctly following search engine guidelines and SEO best practice. (Ex: 301 redirects, robots.txt, canonicalization, meta-directives, schema markup, etc.)
  4. Set up Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools
  5. Submit sitemaps to Google & Bing
  6. Pre-launch, and post-launch review/checks to ensure the smooth deployment of the site.

Proper Care After a Website Redesign

Additional steps are required when launching a redesigned site, including:

• Monitoring Google Search Console as Google re-indexes the new site
• Checking for any 404 errors or missing redirects


Now you have a strong foundation and will feel confident knowing that your guided efforts will build your authority and bring in the type of visitors your business needs. But, it takes work over time to do it right and keep the traffic coming. You need to monitor your progress and make adjustments in your strategy along the way.

Our ongoing support packages are customized to your budget and include any of the following:

  1. Ongoing Analysis - to check for keyword and page ranking, link popularity, technical errors
  2. Content Recommendations
  3. Additional Recommendations
    • Business directory submissions
    • Structured data improvements
    • On-page optimization
    • SEO content strategy
  4. Consultation Sessions - recommendations as to what type of relationships you should build (depending on your audience) and help prioritize those efforts.
  5. Monthly Reporting - set up Google Analytics goals and dashboards and provide training/consultancy to help you understand how your site is performing. Turn data into actionable insights.