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Digital Analytics will help you take the guess work out of marketing improvements. Did you know that your users will tell you exactly what they want, if you know how to listen? We translate business goals to measurable metrics and analyze data to reveal actionable insights to make your marketing work smarter.

How Data Analysis Works

If you’re investing anything in your marketing, don’t you want to know if that investment is worth it? We help our clients set up goals based on historical data and projections. Then we measure progress over time for each marketing channel. You’ll have your own KPI dashboard including only the metrics specific to your business. We provide ROI analysis and valuable unbiased feedback to help improve your marketing efforts.

Our reporting dashboards and analysis help you to be proactive with your business instead of reactionary.

Aggregated Data + Analysis = Actionable Insights to Improve Your Business! 

Sample Key Metrics Chart

Key Metrics Chart

Sample Sales Metrics Chart

KPI & ROI Reporting sales metrics

What You'll Learn

  • Whether you are meeting your monthly, quarterly and annual goals.
  • How each of your marketing channels is performing and which drive the most sales for your business.
  • What your average order value is, average customer lifetime value, marketing return on investment, cart abandonment rate and net profits.
  • What your average conversion rates are so you can better project marketing spend
  • How website visitors get to your website and what they do once they’re there.
  • Which areas around the world drive the most sales.
  • Which products or services perform best
  • What people are searching for on your website.
  • When to get creative with your marketing to mitigate potential decreases in sales.
  • You will learn, that you never stop learning! Learn how to use data insights to optimize the entire way your business runs!!!