Maximize Your ROI with Facebook Advertising

Want to make Facebook a home for your online venture? It is time to engage your audience on Facebook. Based on your contacts, social media followers, potential clients, and those who comment on your blog posts, you can create ‘lookalike’ audiences. But how can you accomplish this? It is through Facebook advertising.

Need help with Facebook Advertising?

AE Design Co. can help you create videos, photos, and ads to inspire your audience and increase your brand awareness on Facebook using the latest Social Media Marketing techniques. You want to drive actions on your site, don’t you? For instance, if you are always on the go, you can make use of the Facebook Messenger for seamless communication. You are probably wondering why you actually need AE Design Co.

First, we understand that businesses are never the same. So, we customize services to meet your specific goals. Whether you are launching a new product or building brand awareness, we have special tools that will let people on Facebook know more about your business. Do you want to increase traffic and engagement sales? We can help you encourage people to browse your site, buy your products, or download your app using Facebook marketing.

We use digital measurement tools to let you see how your Facebook campaigns are doing in relation to your business goals. This way, you will learn how to create better campaigns in the future. Our ads are specifically designed to grab the attention of Facebook users and prompt actions. They are mobile-optimized, flexible, and geared towards reaching your particular goals. For example, slideshow ads created from a spectrum of still photos can create flawless video experiences which can load easily on just any device. These days, videos are moving people, particularly in the News Feed. We can help you create videos that play automatically and seamlessly to instill the power of sight, sound, and motion in people’s fingertips.

Facebook Marketing Benefits

As explained above, Facebook advertising allows your business to grow by reaching new prospects. Deciding when to start Facebook campaigns or determining whether the strategy is good for your business is not that easy. That is why we are here to help you know if it is a good option. But before anything else, make sure that your business has a Facebook page. To create ads on your page, simply go to the Promote Button or click on the blue Boost Post menu to promote your posts.

Here's what we guarantee if we manage your Facebook/ Instagram Ads:

  • Page promotions: This allows you to get more followers who are likely to visit your site
  • Boosted posts: A boosted post enables you to get more likes, comments, and shares. It is also a great way to reach new followers who might be interested in your business but they don’t follow you on social media.
  • Call to action: Through the call to action button, people will start interacting with you. We can help you customize the CTA button to promote your goals e.g. leading followers to your website, compelling people to boost appointments, and buying products. CTA ads can drive conversions which matter the most to your web pages.
  • Conversions: Do you want people to take profitable actions on your apps and websites e.g. purchasing and adding payment information? The Facebook app events or pixel can help you track and calculate the conversion rate.
  • Lead generation: We can help you gather lead information from prospects.
  • Brand awareness: You need to reach out to valuable clients who are interested in your brand.

Why Choose A Facebook Marketing Expert?

Working with a Facebook advertising expert will ensure that you have an impactful advertising strategy to yield a better return on your investment. Your Facebook marketing expert will create various ads that work together and feed customers through your sales funnel. Our Facebook marketing experts located in Carlsbad will help build awareness for your brand, increase website traffic, and convert those users in new customers.