Is Your Website Benefiting your Business? And, Better Yet, Your Customers?

Get data insight and discover what areas of improvement can help turn your website into a new business generating machine.oducts.

Why Do I Need a Website Audit?

1. Your website isn't generating new business.

2. Your website needs to accomplish certain goals.

3. You just need some direction to help you use it more effectively.

Website Audit Process

STEP 1: Discovery

Get a clear understanding of the current state of your business and marketing in order to customize an audit based on your needs.

  1. Current Pain Points
  2. Business Goals
  3. Target Audience
  4. Unique Value Proposition
  5. Current Marketing Efforts

STEP 2: Review

We'll dig deep under the hood to see how your website is currently performing focusing on five main areas:

  1. Branding
  2. Content
  3. Usability
  4. Technical SEO
  5. Social Media

STEP 3: Define Benchmarks

We'll outline exactly where your website stands in order to make quantifiable improvements.

  1. Page authority
  2. Linking root domains
  3. Inbound links
  4. Traffic sources
  5. Bounce rates (including mobile)
  6. Top pages
  7. Browser widths and devices
  8. Site search
  9. Conversion rates, goals, leads,sales, etc.

STEP 4: Actionable Recommendations

Learn what changes you can make [in order of priority] that can result in measurable improvements immediately or over time.