Website Blueprint Project - $2500

Every successful project begins with a good strategy & plan and this is truly were we set ourselves apart from other web designers. Instead of providing a price range for what you should budget for your custom project, we advise that some businesses start with a Website Blueprint Project. It's priced at a flat fee that would be deducted from the actual Website Design project should you choose to move forward. This is a very collaborative and rewarding process. Here is an outline of what you can expect. Understand that this is a custom process that changes for each client's unique needs:

Who is This For?

For businesses that haven't given a lot of thought to what your website needs to include for the people using it (your business and your users), how it will function and how it will fit into your overall business strategy and revenue goals. Or if you have specific quantifiable goals, i.e, increase online sales by 15% or increase website leads by 20% or you need help defining them, you need a strategic plan as to how your website needs to be built and integrated into your marketing plan.

Key Benefits

Why take the risk choosing any one agency to handle your project with the level of care your business needs? You pay a flat fee for this process and when you are done you have an entire plan including target goals, set Key Performance Indicators to ensure that your website performs as expected, website architecture and wireframes. If for whatever reason, you didn't like working with us, you can take all of this to someone else to carry out.