Part 1: Marketing Blueprint Breakthrough


Marketing Checkup, Million Dollar Messaging & Customers & Marketing Ready Playbook

Long-term success starts with a confident plan. Our goal is to help you think more strategically, so everything falls into place from there. The mix of planning that we do depends on where you are and what you're looking to achieve. Regardless, we need to know exactly where we’re starting before we can see how to get to where we’re we’re going.

What you'll learn:
  1. How you compare to your competition online
  2. Where the most significant leaks in your marketing are and how to fix them
  3. How to precisely position your business and to who for marketing success
  4. What your defined goals are and a marketing budget and plan to get you there
Marketing Consultation Services:

Part 2: Marketing Engine Upgrade


Website & Digital Marketing Assets

Capture & Convert Leads, Get Time Back & Create Brand Ambassadors!

A website is a marketing hub and sometimes the entire infrastructure to a business. Finally, have a modern and beautiful web design that you’re not only proud of but is sure to convert traffic into customers.

This phase also includes any design templates you need to make your content shine from social to email design to whitepapers. You’ll have the creative marketing materials you need to make your brand shine.

Marketing Asset Development Services:

KPI Tracking & Digital Analytics Setup

They say you can’t improve what you can’t measure. We do all the “behind the scenes” tracking set up so you can see the effectiveness of your website and marketing investments. Proper tracking will help you know where your successes are and where they are not so that you can maintain a well-oiled marketing machine.

Marketing Tracking Services:

Part 3: Quantum Leap Leads


Integrated Marketing Campaign Management

Now that you have a strong marketing infrastructure, it’s time to target, nurture and convert traffic into new and repeat customers. Use marketing to build brand awareness and get in front of the customers actively seeking your products and services. Recover abandoned carts, wake up inactive customers, make product recommendations and send automatic follow-ups.

What you'll learn:
  1. What marketing tactics will work best for your business
  2. Which keywords your best customers use to find you.
  3. What type of content is worth spending your time on.
  4. How to convert website traffic into leads and sales.
  5. Campaign strategies to reach your customers at every stage of the buying cycle
Marketing Campaign Services:

Ongoing Optimization


Monthly Sales & Marketing ROI Reporting

Understand if your marketing investments are impacting your bottom line. We provide ROI analysis and valuable unbiased feedback to help improve or re-prioritize your marketing efforts.

What you'll learn:
  1. Whether you are meeting your monthly, quarterly and annual goals.
  2. How each of your marketing channels is performing and which drive the most sales for your business.
  3. What your average order value is, average customer lifetime value, marketing return on investment, cart abandonment rate and net profits.
  4. What your average conversion rates are so you can better project marketing spend
  5. How website visitors get to your website and what they do once they’re there.
  6. Which areas around the world drive the most sales.
  7. Which products or services perform best
  8. What people are searching for on your website.
  9. When to get creative with your marketing to mitigate potential decreases in sales.
  10. You will learn, that you never stop learning! Learn how to use data insights to optimize the entire way your business runs!!!
Sales & Marketing Reporting Services/ Consultation:

Ongoing Improvement

Continual improvements are necessary to support technological advances and customer expectations. Use the insights from your tracking and reporting to make adjustments that impact your bottom line.

Marketing Optimization Services: