An ever-growing email list is a critical asset in most successful businesses.

When it comes to marketing, the email list is a staple. Whether you’re a running a business, blog, or entrepreneurial venture, you’re going to need to continuously grow your email list in order to add and retain customers and subscribers.

Below are 15 strategies you can use to grow your email list and, likely, your business along with it.

  1. Landing Pages – Post to multiple places on your website, including: to the area above the fold on the homepage, on popups, at your footer, on your contact page, etc. Explain what you’ll get with helpful tips and tricks, and explain what’s in the content itself. Show a sample email so folks know what they’re getting into. Lastly, add the main benefits of joining your list, and make sure to discuss the frequency of email-only promos and anything else that will let them know the value.
  1. OptinMonster – OptinMonster will allow you to send endless opt-in emails and lead capture forms, as well as different functionalities for displaying them; it’ll also allow you to do A/B split testing, page level targeting, exit intent appearance, etc. You simply add a snippet of code on the website and then manage everything from their dashboard. It’s helped one of our clients increase their subscriptions by 241% in less than 2 months!
  1. Free Offer – Give something in return for their email address. Provide amazing value with a downloadable whitepaper, worksheet, or any other useful information.  Plus, providing information like this can sometimes assist in less time spent on sales calls.
  1. Make Signup Forms Simple – There’s nothing worse than a complicated signup form. If you want to get emails, make asking for them as straightforward as possible on your signup forms.
  1. Facebook – Most email service providers make it easy for you to install an email sign up form on  Facebook. Moreover, Facebook is arguably the most popular social media network—you need to be tapping into this market!
  1. Meet Edgar – Meet Edgar is a great social media tool that allows you to post evergreen content continuously. Instead of only posting content once and throwing it away, it catalogs posts in a library that you build over time. As you can tell, this is great for all kinds of content, but we can use it specifically to regularly invite people to subscribe to our lists. It’s never too late to start building up a library of this useful content!
  1. Social Sharing – Add a social sharing option in the email itself, that way word can get out to your audience’s network; make sure the content is valuable, otherwise, they may not want to share!
  1. Blog Sign Up – Add an opt-in option on your blog. Most email service providers like MailChimp, allow for automatic RSS emails, which means your audience will get notified when you’ve posted a new article.
  1. Contests – These are always a great way to get traction. Check out
  1. Email Signatures – Promote the sign-up directly through everyday communication. Why not?
  1. YouTube Videos – Invite folks to subscribe through CTAs & URLs on videos.
  1. Online Checkouts – If you want to target both new and returning customers, it’s not very hard to do. Add an email opt-in box somewhere near the purchase button on your checkout screen. This way, customers will see the box and think about it before continuing on with their purchase.
  1. Industry Events & Tradeshows – Make more out of the connections you make at various events that you host, sponsor or attend. You can do this old school with a sign-up sheet or bring an iPad and your email service provider will offer iPad email sign-ups. And, if possible, follow up with a nice email stating that it was nice to meet them at the event (remind them of the event and who you are).
  1. Brick and Mortar: Leave a Signup Sheet by the Register – If you don’t want to be so forward, leaving a signup sheet by the register is an effective way to collect emails. The signup sheet is used at the customer’s discretion, but associates and cashiers are present to clarify any questions.
  1. Testing & Offers – Play around with the messaging, offer, and placement of your opt-in; test things too to see what works and what doesn’t. People don’t want to think. The more you can say with less—the better. You can also try using a percentage off discount to see if it assists in more conversions. Try different lead offers!


There are countless ways to leverage various channels to grow your email list. Pick a couple of these strategies, maybe starting with the website sign up, to begin seeing that list size grow! In no time, you’ll have a whole pool of people that have already raised their hand to say they are interested in you! Email marketing is still one of the highest converting channels today (especially if you use smart targeting). I recommend that you spend some time here.

If you are new to email marketing, need help implementing these strategies, or are just looking for some guidance to make the most of your email marketing efforts, contact April today to get the help you need to start seeing results!

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