managed wordpress hostingWhy Flywheel Managed WordPress Web Hosting Rocks!

After many recommendations within the web community and a ton of presence at industry conferences, we started using Flywheel for all our WordPress websites. It’s been a dream come true. Here are our four reasons in order of my own priority.

But first…

Is this another affiliate recommendation?

Yes, these are affiliate links! However, there is absolutely no way I would recommend a product or service that I do not stand behind 100%. We are proud to promote companies we truly believe in. The affiliate links help them track where their customers are coming from. Plus, we’re not one of those web design companies that try to trap clients into a hosting reselling program. Nope, we set all of our clients up with accounts that they own.

1. Stellar Security for WordPress is a Must

Like all good great webmasters, we’re always very concerned with the security and protection of our clients’ websites. This, along with great performance, prompted us to make the switch for our own company website.

Flywheel takes care of WordPress security at the server level so there is no need to worry. In fact, they recommend that you don’t install any security plugins on your own as they may conflict with other plugins and cause performance issues.

Also, if for some crazy reason our site should get hacked… Flywheel will remove the malware free of charge! That alone should be a load off your mind, saving both time and money.

Limit Login Attempts

This great security plugin is installed by default. If someone from the same IP address tries to log in more than three times within 20 minutes, they will get locked out and must wait 20 minutes to try again. This is a huge deterrent for hackers.

IP Blocking

Flywheel can also detect IPs from specific intruders and intruding countries to block them across the board. They don’t even get a chance to attempt a hack keeping you safe from harm.

WP Security & Version Updates

Maintaining current and up-to-date core code is crucial to keep your WordPress website free from malicious activity and malware. Flywheel does this automatically for you. Within 24 hours of a security release, Flywheel will have the update automatically installed.

In the case of a major WordPress release, they wait two weeks to give you time to test out the new version and make sure it works with your website’s theme and plugins. Major releases often are very invasive and can cause breaks. But after two weeks, Flywheel will automatically perform the update if you haven’t already done it first. They even send out email notifications letting me know that the update is available and when the auto update will be done. Their communication is amazing.

Automatic WordPress Backups
Your data is backed up every night. Restoring is as easy as one click.

3. Lightning Speed

Before we made the switch, we tested my our website on three different Managed WordPress hosting companies’ servers and Flywheel was the fastest!

Flywheel hosts only WordPress sites. Because of this, they are able to configure their system specifically for what WordPress sites need. All sites are on a Virtual Private Server (VPS) and not shared hosting keeping your sites secure and fast.

Their servers handle all of your caching needs so there is no need for you to bother installing plugins for this purpose, and they will even help you set up a Content Delivery Network (CDN).


3. Ease of Use

Flywheel uses their own custom designed control panel. Their panel is delightful and easy to use and they provide only what is necessary and nothing more (keeping things really easy).

They also provide a stats chart in the control panel that tracks visits by the day in a monthly graph.

Manage all of your WordPress websites IN ONE PLACE with ONE LOGIN! Invite collaborators or remove as needed.

4. Good Customer Support is Unheard of These Days.

It’s true! Companies that truly care about their clients are extremely hard to find. In my experience, companies can grow so big that customer service tends to slip. Being a small business, I know and appreciate that it is far easier to keep a good client than it is to replace one, so of course I want to be treated that way myself.

Hands down, Flywheel has been a pleasure to work with. One of their first acts of great customer support is free site migration. Once again something that saves time and money!

They have a ton of help articles and FAQs on their support page and their Happiness Engineers are not afraid to answer any of your WordPress related questions via email and do so in an acceptable amount of time.

No waiting for 24-48 hours for a response. No crazy help desk ticketing system. Just email, call or chat! One of the co-founders of the company even spent some time with me on the phone.

In Conclusion

I’m very pleased that they are keeping Flywheel a small company sort of feel. I’ve worked with several hosting companies and have never had the same great experience as I do with Flywheel.

So if you are looking for ease of use, reliability and peace of mind and would rather give your money to a truly great company with stellar customer service & support, go with Flywheel. They will take really great care of your WordPress site and your happiness.

They don’t call them Happiness Engineers for nothing!

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