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How do you generate thousands of dollars in additional sales through email marketing alone?

IndieMerchStore is an online retailer selling various forms of merchandise from band t-shirts to skateboards to art prints. The company started working with { ae } Design Co. way back in 2010 (and has been ever since!) to increase their brand awareness and online sales through the email marketing channel.


{ ae } Design Co, not only initially developed a solid foundation for their email marketing initiatives with a well-thought out strategy, responsive template designs, analytic tracking, campaign testing and optimization, but has been managing every one of their campaigns since. In addition, { ae } Design Co. also has development numerous Facebook store apps and web store designs for this and some of their other companies.

The Results

  • Over hundreds of thousands derived from email clicks alone!!!
  • 120% increase in email marketing sales
  • 133% increase in paid transactions from email marketing campaigns alone
  • Overall decrease in email marketing investment and increase in return with easy to update email templates and tried and tested strategies



Strategy & Planning
Ongoing Campaign Strategy

Responsive email template
Website email sign up
Facebook store app

Marketing & Optimization
Monthly campaign sends
Analytic tracking & reporting
Ongoing campaign optimization including A/B testing

Desktop Version

Desktop Version
Desktop Version

Mobile Version
Mobile Version

Mobile Version

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