How to completely support a passionate pro-bono organization get started?

This passionate scuba diver had been writing valuable blog articles for years just for fun. She was ready to take it further by providing a community for female scuba divers to connect across the world. But how do you take an idea and turn it into a business?

{ ae } Design Co. partnered with Society of Lady divers to help them launch their new endeavor all the way from brand positioning to marketing consultation. We not only assisted them with all design and development neccessary to launch their business, but guided them through business and marketing best practices helping them prioritize their focus and plan to reach their financial goals.


Branding & Design
Logo Design
Wordpress Theme Design
Sticker Design
Email Template Design

Web Development
Wordpress Development
Responsive/ Mobile Optimization
Membership Website Development

Consultation & Support
Marketing Planing & Consultation
SEO Training
WordPress Training
Issuu Digital Magazine Set Up

Logo Design

Scuba Diving Website Design
Website Planning

Scuba Diving Email Marketing
Email Template Design

Scuba Diving Web Design
Membership Web Design

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About April Edwards

Hello! I'm AE Design Co's lead Digital Strategist & Creative Director. For over 15 years, I've been helping busy businesses get a grip on their marketing to increase profits year-over-year.

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