Surrogate Alternatives

How do you easily consolidate redundant websites into one easy-to-manage tool for a business and their clients?

Surrogate Alternatives approached { ae } Design Co. as a successful San Diego based Surrogate Agency that needed their web presence to better reflect their brand image and provide a solid user experience for it’s many users.

After digging into the back-end of their digital ecosystem, { ae } Design Co. discovered several web properties that were redundant in nature, confused prospective clients and overall did not perform as they should. The solution was to consolidate web properties into one easy-to-use WordPress website eliminating confusion and providing Surrogate Alternatives the platform they needed to manage content on their own. { ae } Design Co. not only took all the steps possible to prevent a potential negative impact on organic traffic that could result by shutting websites down, but even provided the tools and training to allow their staff to optimize content on their own for increased traffic. In addition, a custom portal was developed to allow surrogate mothers to easy apply, for prospective parents to search a surrogate mother database and for Surrogate Alternative’s team to automate their intake process.

The Results

  • 190% increase in organic traffic
  • 41% increase in leads from website alone!!!
  • 19% decrease in bounce rates (less people leaving the site)
  • 288% increase in time duration per visit (visitors staying longer – sticky content!)
  • 67% increase in pages per session (visitors viewing multiple pages)
  • 61% increase in page load speed (from hosting change)
  • 72% decrease in website downtime (from hosting change)


Strategy & Planning
Websites Audit
Competitor Analysis
SEO Audit & Keyword Research
Define Target Audiences
Define Ideal Purchase Cycle
Define Analytical Benchmarks & Goals
Define Future Recommendations
Website Wireframes

Design & Development
Custom Website Design
Hosting Migration
WordPress Development
Responsive/ Mobile Optimization
Surrogate Login Portal
Intended Partent Login Portal
Surrogate Mother Database Search 

Consultation & Training
SEO Strategy, Implementation & Consultation
WordPress Training & Documentation
Google Analytics Training





Surrogacy Agency Website Design
Website Planning

Surrogacy Agency Website  Design

Surrogacy Agency Website  Design
Client Profile Administration Page

Surrogacy Agency Website  Design
Secondary Page Design

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