How to support an expanding business with one streamlined website?

Granite Gold needed to step out of the old and into the new with a more robust online ecosystem to support their growing marketing initiatives. All they knew at the time was that they needed to step up their game to have a more impactful online presence to reflect the company’s new brand positioning as well as a possible ecommerce system.


After careful review, { ae } Design Co. came up with a plan to address both their immediate needs and long-term goals. The project was broken up into three digestible phases to eliminate the need to maintain a separate UK website by making the website multilingual, to begin selling products online, and make it extremely easy for Granite Gold’s staff to manage and add new content on their own. In addition, we added a robust Store Locator feature so customers could easily search out the closest retail store to purchase their favorite granite cleaner products.

Their new website was built on a solid foundation to support their future international expansion with all content easily converted into multiple languages. We repositioned them as experts in their field offering valuable content to assist customers with proper care of their stone investment. And to support their top-notch customer service, we added an easy way for customers to directly ask questions to the executive team regarding their stone through the website. 


  • 30% increase in overall traffic
  • Marketing Manager can easily update all content easily
  • $58,000 INCREASE IN SALES per year from online purchases alone!


  • Custom Web Design
  • WordPress Website Development
  • Responsive/ Mobile Optimization
  • WooCommerce eCommerce
  • Store Locator
  • SEO
  • Social Media Graphics

Granite Gold

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