Strategically positioning your brand in the market (Brand Positioning) is essential and the foundation of any successful marketing tactic.

If there’s one thing you believe in, it’s your product or service. You’ve spent countless hours developing – you’ve given so much effort at every step of the way; but what are you going to do to convey this passion to the market to stand out? How are you going to position your product or service to reach the right people in the market?

Here are some ideas:

1. Know Your Audience (customer acquisition)

If you can identify your audience, then identifying your product or service’s place in the market should not be difficult. Think about your audience –  when they had so many options to begin with. Know their pain and how you solve it.

Understanding the qualities of your audience will allow you to anticipate your competition. Once you’ve identified who is in the run for your customers’ dollars, you can restructure things to make your service more appealing.

Once you’ve retained a large customer base you’ll begin to see your position in the market grow and solidify.

2. A Reputation of Being Customer-Friendly Will Go a Long Way (brand reputation)

There’s nothing more infuriating, or detrimental to a business than inadequate customer service. If you want to position your product, service, or brand above the competition’s, you can do this by gaining a reputation as being a customer-friendly business.

Customer satisfaction is paramount; it’s a long-term game too. If a customer requests a refund, giving them their money back may be a worthwhile endeavor in the long run.

Think about the alternative, the refusal: the disgruntled customer’s angry reviews on popular platforms online will be seen and read through by many potential and existing customers, many of whom may be convinced to leave or never work with you in the first place based on the review. However, if you have shareable proof of a good reason why the refund should not be provided, stick to your guns. There are several instances on social media where companies have actually gained respect by calling outlying customers in a very professional way.

3. Offer Promotions and Special Deals to Customers and Subscribers (customer retention)

How many times in life has your mood been unexpectedly brightened by a random act of kindness?

Businesses can instill this sense of happiness in their customers when they show their appreciation in ways big and small.

Special discounts for loyal and frequent shoppers are always a hit, and the satisfaction they give customers is largely what convinces a potential customer to hop on board.

And with customer satisfaction comes better market positioning. If your business has a reputation for valuing its customers, that’s just one of those things that’ll skyrocket you into a place of prominence.

The monetary incentives attached don’t even have to be considerably high: as long as there is a nice presentation and a genuine attempt to make the customer feel like they’re a valuable member of the fold, the gesture will most likely evoke a positive reaction and be memorable.

Long Story Short About Brand Positioning…

A little bit of investment in customer service can easily pay off big, but keep in mind that the main part of getting your brand positioning right is to attract the exact customers you want in the first place. Brand positioning is 90% how you formulate your messaging and the way you separate yourself from the pack. Download our Brand Messaging Worksheet today. 

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