Facebook Ads for Small Businesses During COVID-19: Strategies & Examples

Utilizing Facebook ad targeting & Instagram ads is an effective way to increase your brand awareness, leads and sales during COVID-19 and beyond. Here’s why Facebook Ads are a good idea.

The Marketing and Sales Funnel: The Matchmaker’s Playbook

Read this article to learn how to generate more leads and better customers by aligning your marketing strategies with your customer’s journey within the marketing and sales funnel. Drive stronger brand awareness, greater sales, and ultimately more loyalty!

The Power of Brand Positioning

Strategically positioning your brand in the market (Brand Positioning) is essential and the foundation of any successful marketing tactic. If there’s one thing you believe in, it’s your product or service. You’ve spent countless hours developing – you’ve given so much effort at every step of the way; but what are you going to do… Read more about The Power of Brand Positioning

How will Your Target Market Become Aware of your Business?

Your market will be largely ineffective if you target the wrong people. If you’re running a small business, a well-implemented, cost-effective market strategy is going to be exactly what you need to increase customer count and sales. You know your product or service better than anyone, but marketing it to the masses is a game… Read more about How will Your Target Market Become Aware of your Business?

Digital Marketing Efforts That Will Boost Your Business

Digital Marketing Strategies Any business that wants to beat competitors in the online world must adopt proper digital marketing strategies. These are online tools and tasks that accomplish various goals of a business including conversion of visitors into leads, better engagement with clients, increasing traffic, stronger branding, generating sales, and attracting prospects. Each business goal… Read more about Digital Marketing Efforts That Will Boost Your Business