What Are Buyer Personas and How Do You Use Them

Buyer personas are fictional characters that represent segments of your ideal customers.

The key to building them is to identify the information that will help
move ideal customers through the buying process.

I’m talking about creating authentic and helpful content that

(1) Connects with customers

(2) Addresses their problems

(3) Reveals the humanity behind your company.

Show that you truly care and that your mission is to help them, and always put your customers’ needs first.

Honestly, do you know exactly what these needs are?

Even if you’ve been in business for many years, it’s important to constantly get feedback from
your customers. It’s important to have real conversations with them to understand the
top problems they are facing.

On a side note, having a good review system in place can help you continue to receive ongoing
feedback. Look at your ordinarily made inquiries amid deals calls to enable you to decide
which content will be most beneficial to your potential customers.

Think about blogging and content strategy as educating your customers; it is an authority in the
space and proof that you know their industry and their problems inside and out that keeps them
coming back.

Discuss the importance of how defining your buyer personas will help with all aspects of your
business: from proper positioning, sales support, inbound marketing, understanding market
trends, etc.

Key Questions for Developing Buyer Personas Fall Into These Categories

  • About the Persona – age, location, education level, etc.
  • Persona Triggers – pain points, challenges, questions, influencers
  • Online Activity – websites frequented & other online behavior
  • Purchase Behavior – sales process description (length, barriers, etc.)
  • Why this Person Needs YOU (your value proposition)

How to Create A Buyer Persona

  1. Overview
  2. Evaluate your best customers & gather contact info (utilize your CMS or any other data you have)
  3. Define your ideal customers
  4. Utilize customer  surveys
  5. Interview a select few that you think are ideal customers
    • Define questions to ask that will help you understand their problems and why or why they do business with you.
  6. Gather the results and analyze all the data (this is the hardest part)
  7. Create the personas based on the analysis results.

Marketing Buyer Persona Recap

You most prior task is to get a clear picture of who exactly your customers are. This is where customer personas come in they’re fictional, generalized representations of the people you think are most inclined to purchase your product or service.

Utilizing customer personas will allow you to visualize your audience, optimize communications with them, and it’ll also help your overall marketing strategy. Find your audience and engage with your customer base now; they’re the ones in control in this digital age. Need help? That’s what I’m here for. Schedule a FREE marketing strategy session today to get clarity and start seeing progress in your business.

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