Do You See Marketing as an Investment or an Expense?

Often, small business owners view marketing as an expense when they should see marketing as an investment, which it is. Every small business needs marketing. The digital marketing landscape changes constantly, and competition increases over time. It can be difficult to keep up. Add to this how COVID-19 has made life and business more uncertain,… Read more about Do You See Marketing as an Investment or an Expense?

How to Plan a Website Like a Boss

Your company’s website needs to be the heart of your digital activity. It’s the primary medium through which your brand connects with its audience.  Keep this in mind as you plan a website design. As you might imagine, nailing the website is essential to succeed in your digital marketing program. Otherwise, it’s going to be… Read more about How to Plan a Website Like a Boss

Blog Promotion: How to get traffic to your blog through content distribution

Hitting publish isn’t enough to maximize your blog’s results. You need a content distribution plan. Use AE Design’s recommendations in your plan:

Google Ads (PPC) or SEO? Which will grow my small business?

Businesses looking to promote their business online face a difficult and critical decision – Google Ads (PPC) or SEO? – Learn which strategy is right for your business.

Facebook Ads for Small Businesses During COVID-19: Strategies & Examples

Utilizing Facebook ad targeting & Instagram ads is an effective way to increase your brand awareness, leads and sales during COVID-19 and beyond. Here’s why Facebook Ads are a good idea.

The Marketing and Sales Funnel: The Matchmaker’s Playbook

Read this article to learn how to generate more leads and better customers by aligning your marketing strategies with your customer’s journey within the marketing and sales funnel. Drive stronger brand awareness, greater sales, and ultimately more loyalty!